Animal Feed / Animal Food Production Line
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Port: Shanghai, China

Production Capacity: 1ton/Hour

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

Type: Expanded Device

Processing Object: Mixed Feed

Processing Technics: Mixing-before-Crushing

Screen Mesh: With Screen Mesh

Grinding Equipment Type: Roll Crusher

Pellet Mill Type: Screw Granulator

Performance features:

The top grade synthetic pellet feed factory built by our company is a project with an annual production of 10,000-300,000 tons. Its technological processes are as follows: raw material feeding, single-point precipitating, scraper conveying, hoisting, raw material cleaning, impurities removing, preliminary mixing, coarse and fine grinding, computer-controlled batching, effective fine mixing, quality conditioning, granulating with assured quality, pellet curing, cooling and drying, pellet crushing, screening, products packaging etc.. Centralized monitoring, assisted by the segmentation control of main section sites, is conducted by the central control room in electrical control. On the basis of the users' demand, the operator can adopt computerized distributed control system. The start-up and shut down of equipment installed in each segment are controlled by PLC. Meanwhile, the operation and failure warning of equipment in each segment will be dynamically displayed in computer and it also has .the function of database management. The unit is scientific in production process, reasonable in its layout, accurate in batching, complete in functions, convenient in operation and maintenance.

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